Woman Crush Wednesday with Lauren May 15th

May 16, 2019 - 93 views

Metal needs feminism and Lauren is here with another cracking show to prove to you just how good it can sound, are you ready for the heaviness?

Tune in at 9pm to hear…

Skillet – Legendary
Horizon’s Edge – Farewell
Babymetal – Elevator Girl
Jinjer – Perennial
The Riven – Sweet Child
Abinchova – Sennenpuppe
A Primitive Evolution – Close Your Eyes
King Witch – Approaching the End
Adastia – Damned to Chaos
Mudd Flux – All I Am (Am I)
Tormentress – Mutilator
The Kut – Love in the Rush Hour
Myrkur – Dybt I Skoven
Rolo Tomassi – Aftermath
Blackwater Holylight – Babies
Heart – Barracuda
Chaos Magic feat Tom Englund – Furyborn
Eluveitie featuring Randy Blythe – Worship
The Scars Heal in Time – In Your Flame
Ankor – Nebula
Sober Truth – Psychosis

And you’ll be rewarded with Lauren’s Woman Crush of the Week at the end of the show