Woman Crush Wednesday with Lauren March 20th

March 21, 2019 - 201 views

Lauren’s back with another fully feminist serving of heaviness, featuring bands singing about mental health, western political corruption and Norse mythology to mention just a few!

Tune in at 9pm to hear…

Lost in Pain – Gold Hunters
Frozen Crown – Neverending
Walk In Darkness – Time To Rise  
Employed to Serve – Harsh Truth
Rage of Light – Away With You  
Blackguard – By My Hand featuring Morgan Lander
Blood Command – Afraid of Water
Tarja – Undertaker
Eluveitie – Ambiramus
Dream State – Hand in Hand
Mist – Delirium  
Izegrim – Retraumatized  
Girlschool – Nothing to Lose  
Esben and the Witch – The Unspoiled
The End of Melancholy – Peaceful Warrior  
Within Temptation – Trophy Hunter 
Venom Prison – Asura’s Realm
Brothers of Metal – Prophecy of Ragnarok
Witch Mountain  - Nighthawk
Ex Libris – The Exile
Snipers of Babel – A New Beginning

And at the end of the show Lauren will reward you by revealing her Woman Crush of the Week!