Woman Crush Wednesday with Lauren April 17th

April 18, 2019 - 257 views

Lauren’s ready for you this week with another dose of women in metal and rock, she’s got a cacophony of tunes all celebrating what feminism in metal can look and sound like!

Tune in at 9pm to hear….

Witches of London – Manifesto
Thronehammer – Usurper of the Oaken Throne
Stitched Up Heart featuring Sully Erna – Lost
September Mourning – Glass Animals
Blood Countess – Goddess of Pain
Gone Cosmic – Deadlock
Burning Witches – Holy Diver
Lacuna Coil – Live to Tell
Monolyth – A Bitter End
Boisson Divine – Sent Pançart
The Well – Death Song
Ex Libris – The Motherland
Matriarch – Sinful Decadence
Blake Red – Razorblade
Ancient Bards – Fantasy Wings
Band-Maid – Gion-Cho
Synlakross – Angel on Fire
Jess By The Lake – Nightmare
Fallcie – Where The Journey Ends
Wishfield – The Fishbowl
The White Swan – Touch, Taste, Destroy

And of course Lauren’s Woman Crush of the Week which is revealed at the end of the show!