Woman Crush Wednesday September 12th

September 13, 2018 - 264 views

Lauren is back with another great "Woman Crush Wednesday", busting at the seams with great tunes from bands that have a least one member of the band who is female.

If you have never heard this show before, Lauren show's why women in music rock just as much as the guys do, and the following bands are just an example;
Lauren also has her "Top Secret" Woman Crush Track of the Week that she will reveal of the close of the show;
Hands off Gretel - Kiss Me Girl
Bloodhunter - All These Souls Shall Serve Forever
Royal Thunder - April Showers
Black Lab – Black Moon
Frozen Crown – Everwinter
Lacuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)
Vodun – Spirits Past
Be Under Arms – The Curse of the Black Water
Delain – Fire with Fire
SubRosa – Troubled Cells
Svalbard – Revenge Porn
Vixen – You Ought To Know By Now
Halestorm – Skulls
Vermilia – Vedesta Vieraantunut
Exit Eden – Frozen (Madonna Cover)
Abinchova – Lichtfanger
Vandroya – The Path to the Endless Fall
The Pretty Reckless – Take Me Down
The Agonist – The Hunt
Beyond the Black – Million Lightyears
Gåte - Kom No Disjka