Woman Crush Wednesday May 9th

May 10, 2018 - 347 views

Lauren is back with her third show on Metal Meyhem Radio, and wow what a show!!! If you missed it you're in luck as you listen again below;



Meka Nism: The War Inside
Imperial Age: The Legacy of Atlantis
Straight Line Stitch: Black Veil
Korn featuring Amy Lee: Freak on a Leash
Semblant: Incinerate
I saw the world burn: Species Obsolate
Mystica Girls: The Gates of Hell
Deadlock: Beserk
Mordat: The Voice
Delain: Turn the Lights Out
The Agonist: The Resurrection
Halestorm: I am the Fire
VNDTA: Martyr
Satarial: Chaos
Girlschool: Yeah Right
Sirenia: Dim Days of Dolor
Distorted: Children of Fall
Otep: In Cold Blood
A Sound of Thunder: Deadside
Black Like Vengeance: Snuff is my business
Kontrust: Dance