Woman Crush Wednesday May 30th

May 31, 2018 - 432 views

Your favourite female presenter is back with two hours of great tracks...what is Lauren's Woman Crush track of the week?



Hexed: Exhaling Life feat. Thomas Vikstrom
High Priestess: Despise
Kantica: Albatross
Code Orange: Bleeding In the Blur
Arch Enemy: Nemesis
Cellar Darling – The Prophet’s Song
Kamelot: Phantom Divine featuring Lauren Hart
Drug Cult: Mind Crypt
Svalbard: Unpaid Intern
Doll$Boxx: Sekaiwa Kitto Aiwo Shitterunda
Valpurga: Thine Abyss
Epica: Universal Death Squad
Burning Witches: Black Widow
Tetrarch: Freak
Last Days of Eden: Falling in the Deep
Mask of Judas: The Conspirator
Amberian Dawn: Dragonflies
Oathbreaker: Second Son of R
Vices of Vanity: Loud
Metalwings: There’s No Time
Nervosa: Kill the Silence