Woman Crush Wednesday May 16th

May 17, 2018 - 309 views

Lauren is back, and what she has this week, are some brand new tracks mixed in with some blinding classics


Sonic Youth: Sugar Kane
Dehydrated: Sickness
King Diamond: Abigail
Windhand: Old Evil
My Ruin: Ready for Blood
Malevolentia: Alma Mater
Frantic Amber: Grainne Mhaol
Employed To Serve: I spend my days (wishing them away)
Exist Trace: Dream Rider
In this Moment: Black Wedding feat Rob Halford
Kittie: Charlotte
Xandria: Where The Heart is Home
Vixen: Edge of a Broken Heart
Kobra and the Lotus: The Chain
Peccatum: The Moribund People
Torpor: Everything We Left Behind
Blackthorn: Strix Nebulosa
Thundermother: Whatever
Militia Vox: Nyctophilia
Follow the Cipher: A Mind’s Escape
Abinchova: Gestaltenwandler