Woman Crush Wednesday June 6th

June 07, 2018 - 524 views

Lauren returns with another brilliant show, and features the following;

Bleeding Through: Set Me Free
Eyes Set to Kill: Break
Ivy Crown: Timeout
Gruesome: Inhumane
Evanescence: Bring me to life
Highway Girls: Aileen
Aramanthe: Maximise
In mute: Barefoot
Messa: Leah
Vehemal: Cosmic Collision
The Pretty Reckless: Oh my God
Exit Eden: Incomplete
Torture Squad: Blood Sacrifice
Babymetal: Distortion
Hysterica: Lock up your son
Darkher: Wars
Izegrim: Beheaded by Trust
Amorphis: Amongst Stars
Lucifer: California Sun
Auri: The Space Between
Junkyard Lipstick: Forsaken Liberty