Woman Crush Wednesday July 11th

July 12, 2018 - 329 views

Lauren is back, and what a show she has lined up...if you missed it, we;ve got you covered!!

Your Chance to Die: Ignite the Sky
Hexed: Lightyears
Hole: Violet
Vodun: Mawu
Enemy of Reality: In Hiding
Astray Valley: Constellations
Employed to Serve: Good For Nothing
Seven Kingdoms: Kingslayer
Konvent: Squares
KilliT: I ain’t playing your game
Crystal Viper: At The Edge of Time
Oathbreaker: No Rest For the Weary
Souldrinker: Let the King Bleed
Antalgia: Endless Game
Eluveitie: Epona
Mask of Judas: Mesmerist
Band Maid: Start Over
High Priestess: Firefly
The Birthday Massacre: One
Svalbard: For the Sake of the Breed
Kliodna: Fly Far Away