The South (UK) Metal & Rock with Sam May 10th

May 12, 2019 - 104 views

Sam is back tonight, and has another 2 hours of tracks that come from bands based in The South of the UK, on this weeks The South (UK) Metal & Rock.

Featuring tracks from;

Troll Mother – Forest Child
Cybernetic Witch Cult – Cult of the Druid
Aand? – Bear Hugs
Accursed Years – Oaken Weave
Doomicidal – Rats in The Wall
Grim Ravine – Hypernova
Duskwood – Church of Misery
Fallen Titan – Raise Your Wings
Anthropophagite – Education in Laceration
Aren Drift – Sun Goes Down
Cairiss – For The Lives He Stole
Watchcries – Transgressions Entwined
Svalbard – Feminazi
Libera Scientia – Inamorta
Thuum – Through Smoke Comes Fire
NOMOS – Psalter of Pain
Into the Avalanche – Nightmares
Hack Job – Skeleton Fight
Terraborn – Call to War