The South (UK) Metal & Rock with Sam April 12th

April 14, 2019 - 192 views

The South (UK) Metal & Rock Radio Show with Sam is back tonight on Metal Meyhem Radio.
This is the show that focuses on Backyard Bootleg bands, the bands that are based on our doorstep along The South of the UK.

This week's show features tracks from;

Accursed Years – Oaken Weave
Tales of Autumn – She’s Watching
Grim Ravine – Hypernova
Gurt – Hoboreaper
7eventh Sea – Ohana
Bleed Again – Through My Eyes
Target Earth – One Punch Raven
Fire Fences – Can’t Keep Up
Anthropophagite – Education in Laceration
Nomos – Psalter of Pain
Svalbard – Feminazi
Sun Seth – The Forge
Subservience – Beneath the Earth
The Heretic Order – Evil Rising
Sail – The weight of Gold
Tirana – Top Of The Wall
Butcher In The Fog – Screaming Reflection
Solcura – Are You In Here With Me
Thuum – Through Smoke Comes Fire
Thuum - Hafgufa
Core of Io – Hit the River Hard
Troll Mother – Forest Child