The Pappa D Show September 28th

September 29, 2018 - 399 views

Pappa D returns tonight with another 2 hours of epic tunes to get you set for the weekend.

This week's show is another journey and features;

Skull Fist - Hour To Live
Iced Earth - Clear The Way
Derdian - Never born
Saidian - Burn Down The Night
Elm Street - Metal Is The Way
Iron Mask - When All Braves Fall
Xandria - Temple of Hate
Sirenia - Seven Widows Weep
Myrath - Nobody's Lives
Visions of Atlantis - Eclipse
White Skull - The Roman Empire
Warkings - Gladiator
Ex Deo - The Roman
Asgard - The Age of Steel
Iron Fire  - Hail To Odin
Insomnium - While We Sleep
Altaria - Falling Again
Razorwyre - Another Dimension of Hell