The Pappa D Show September 21st

September 22, 2018 - 673 views

The gateway to the weekend returns tonight, and with him he has some thumping Folk based Metal.

Pappa D seems to not have been so sidetracked this week...or has he?

This week he features;

Fferyllt - Night of the Wood God
Nordheim - Nightborn
Manegarm - Hemfard
Vanir - Sons of the North
Northland - Bloodred Sunrise
Vallorch - Until our Tale is Told
Fu Xi - The Dance
Isole - Forevermore
Crom - The Restless King
Windir - Journey to the End
Menhir -  Weit In Der Ferne (Far in the Distance)
Crystal Moors - The Long Journey of Cantabria
Ensiferum - Raised by the Sword
Eldertale - Time of Ancient
Equilibrium - Tote Heldensagan
Agalloch - Not unlike the Waves
Sonata Nocturna - Hateful
Korpiklanni - Henkselipoika