The Pappa D Show October 5th

October 06, 2018 - 365 views

The weekend is almost upon us, and Pappa D has the best way to celebrate.
2 hours of Norse and Russian Folk with a sprinkle of Power Metal should be enough to set the mood!

This week's show features tracks from;

Starkill - Before Hope Fades
Ulveheim - Heimferd
Eluveitie - Slania's Song
Frozen Shield - Path to Oblivion
Satanakozel - Banja
Pagan Reign - Novogordian Folk Dance
Dotma - Whispering
Dark Sarah - I Once Had Wings
Valgard - My Warrior Queen
Folkearth - Drakkars in the Mist
Northern Sword - For Glory and Gold
Fferylt - Lai Lai Hei
Ensiferum - In My Sword I trust
Wintersun - Death and healing
Gwydion - Turning of the Wheel
Heidevolk - Wodan Heerst
Arkona - Ot Serdtsa K Nebu
Woodscream - Ballard of the Shannon River
Fenrir - Battle of Stirling
Haggard - Awakening the Centuaries