The Pappa D Show - May 4th

May 05, 2018 - 330 views

So...a show on none other than May 4th...expect space themes!!

Demons & Wizards - Blood on my hands
Bloodbound - Nosferatu
Blind Guardian - The Ninth Wave
Antillia - Mystery
Amon Amarth - Guardians of Asgard
Ereb Altor - Awakening
Bane of Winterstorm - Reign of the Dragon
Aura - Phantom of Destiny
Windrose - Breed of Durin
Ex Deo - I Calligula
Ensiferum - Tummen Virran Taa / The Longest Journey
Crystal Moors - Since Old Times
Dotma - Memory Worth Dying For
Eldertale - Exile 
Elessar - Heroes Born Dead
Holy knights, Gate Trough The Past
Faireyland - Fight For your king