The Pappa D Show - May 25th

May 26, 2018 - 490 views

The weekend starts here on Metal Meyhem Radio, and it starts at 9pm!!

This week Pappa D has an interview with Roman Metallers Ex Deo


Seven Kingdoms - Never Ending
Tanagra - Tyranny of Time
Aldaria - Land of Light
Galderia - Shinning Unity
Icewind Tales - To the Stars
Kliodna - Fly Far Away
Cronica - On This Earth 
Moonsorrow - Suden Tunti
Ex Deo - Per Oculus Aquila
Ex Deo - Interview
Ex Deo - Romulus
Fangorn - Troll Strong Beer
Diabol Boruta - Kikmora and the Grain
Woodscream - Forest Tzar
Skiltron - By Sword and Shield
In Extremo - Erdbeermund
Claymorean - The Final Journey
Daedric Tales - Son of Storms
Storm Seeker - The Longing