The Pappa D Show - May 11th

May 12, 2018 - 318 views

Thus marking his 6 monthiversary, Pappa D has a show not to be missed...but in case you did, here it is agin in all its glory!




Unleash The Archers - Awakening
Tarot - Pyre of the Gods
Akoma ft Liv Kristine - Revangels
Tanzwut ft Liv Kristine - Stille Wasser
Wardrum - The Awakening
Firewind - Ode to Leonidas
Orphaned Land - All is One
Eleine - Hell Moon
Runic - Liar Flags
Accursed Years - Oaken Weave
Trollwar The Fallen
Claim the Throne - In Blood be Sworn
Morrighan - Evocation
Celtachor - Arrival of the Tuatha
Ocelon - The Pilgrimage
Virrasztok -  Vidroczki
Primordeal - Heathen Tribes
Temperance - A Thousand Places
Lacuna Coil - Our Truth