The Pappa D Show May 10th

May 11, 2019 - 97 views

Pappa D is back tonight with 2 hours of Pagan & Folk Metal and a sprinkling of dark European Metal.

The gateway to your weekend has a line up of great bands and features tracks from;

Hell's Guardian - 90 Days
Ensifreum - Victory Song
Korpiklaani - Lonkkaluut
Finntroll - Solsagen
Finsterforst - Lauf Der Welt
Rauhnacht - Auf Zur Schlact
Yggdrasil - Sorg
Fferyllt - Warriors of Ireland
Glassgate - Age of the Unknown
Deep Sun - Worship the Warship
Skallbank - Løgnar
Folkstone - Il Grammo Di Un'ora
Wintersun - Lonliness (Winter)
Draconian - Dusk Mariner
Insomnium The River
Dark Tranquility - Uniformity
Primordial - Gallows Hymn