The Pappa D Show March 22nd

March 23, 2019 - 180 views

Pappa D is back tonight and this week, The Gateway To The Weekend celebrates The Spring Equinox with 2 hours of Dark Pagan & Folk Metal.

No Flat Earth theorists on this show, but instead features tracks from;

Far Beyond - My Way of Endless Grief
Draconian - Stella Tombs
Rivendell - The Old Walking Song
Iahsari - Old Mans Grief
Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle
Windir - Ressurection of the Wild
Руян (Ruyan) - Лебедь белая (White Swan)
Родогост (Rodogost) - Ойся (Oysya)
Thronehammer - Thronehammer
Unmasked - Gaia
Dying Embers - Pursue The Light
Manegarm - Sveablotet
Saturnus - Softly on the Path You Fade
Crystalic - Too Dark to See
Gernotshagen - Offenbarung & Weltenbrand