The Pappa D Show June 29th

June 30, 2018 - 268 views

Pappa D ignites your weekend with an absoulute epic show this week that features the following bands;



Blazon Stone - Ready for Boarding
Hexed - Remake My Soul
The Rinn - Symphony of Light
Aura - Фавн (Faun)
Liv Kristine ft Michelle Darkness - Love Decay
Artrosis - Nazgul
Xandria - Call of Destiny
Vandroya - I'm Alive
Against Myself - Through the End of Times
Dead of Night - When the Nightingale Sings
Omnimar - Out of My Life
Metalwings - Fallen Angels in the Hell
Nightwish - Wish I had an Angel
Aventasia - The Seven Angels
Shadowside - Alive
Angelseed - Leaving all Behind
At The Lake - Decision
Haggard - Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves
Hollowstone - The Dreaming City
Kobra and the Lotus - You Don't Know
Crystal Viper - When the Sun Goes Down