The Pappa D Show June 15th

June 16, 2018 - 288 views

Pappa D is the gateway to the weekend, and this week has "cultural" metal on the show...


Primitai - Into the Light
Dark Forest - The Undying Game
Thunderforge - Sound The Horns
Storm Horizon - Waking Hours
Sabastien - Evermore
Soundstorm - Highlander
Secret Illusion - Hope is Lost
Morning Dwell - The Guardians of Time
Orden Ogan - Gunmen
The Silent Rage - Stormwarrior
Against Evil - All Hail the King
Mute The Saint - Sound of Scars
Hellwind - Metal From Above
Bloodline - Forbidden
Chronosfear - Faces
Taken - Under the Skies of Asia
Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror
Heavenly - Destiny
Requiem - Blinded
Pyramaze - She Who Summoned Me