The Pappa D Show August 31st

September 01, 2018 - 647 views

It's Friday which means mateys the weekend starts here...grab your rum, and get ready for 2 hours of swashbuckling fun.

The gateway to your weekend, Pappa D sets sail and is ready to commandeer the airwaves, and features

Alestorm - Pirate Song
Lagerstein - Raise your Steins
Rumahoy - Pirateship
Paddy and the Rats - Join the Riot
Calico Jack - Grog Jolly Grog
Red Rum - Sunken Treasure Hoard
Wilderun - Storm Along
Wuthering Heights - Weather the Storm
Swashbuckle - Dead Men Tell No Lies
Stormtide - Conquer The Straits
Ye Banished Privateers - First Night Back in Port
Piratas Do Recife - Instintos
The Privateer - Ember Sea
Running Wild - Riding The Storm
Storm Seeker - Jack
Orden Ogan - We are Pirates
White Skull - Beer Cheers
Dread Crew of Oddwood - Wooden Pints
Barbar'O'Rhum - La Republique Pirate
Shtack - Captain Iglo
Skull Branded Pirates - Straight outta Kingston (doing it for the Booty)
Storm Seeker - The Longing
Naufragant - Long John Silver