The Pappa D Show - April 27th

April 28, 2018 - 282 views

Another week, and another great selection chosen by our resident encyclopedia of everything Metal!!

This week he features these great bands;


Rexoria - Voice of Heaven
Bucovina -   Carari In Suflet (In the Soul) 
Dalriada - Hajdutanc
Fferyllt - Call of the Wild
Crimfall - Widfire Season
Litvintroll - Da Siabra
Nautiluz - Chasing the light
Lords of Black - World Gone Mad
Concerto Moon - Everlasting Nightmare
Forefather - The Golden Dragon
Vandroya - The path to the Endless Fall 
Atarka - Dancing Tavern
Hagbard - Bererkers Requim
Folcore - Dawn Swallow
Finsterforst - Spiegelscherben
Lyria - Jester
Whyzdom - Armageddon
Temperence - Unspoken Words
Imperia - Secret Passion
Iron Mask - Dr Faust