The Pappa D Show

September 08, 2018 - 617 views

Pappa D returns tonight with a dark Celtic Folk Metal feel, and he brings you some great bands on tonight's show.

Expect tracks from;

Celtibeerian - Deiwos
Grave Digger - Highland Farewell
Bran Barr - Journey - The Grand Quest for the Magic Acorn
Paradise Lost - As Horizons End
Skiltron - The Vision of Blind Harry
Suidakra - Isle of Skye
Darkest Era - The Morrigan
Morrigan - Culloden Ghosts
Waylander - Taker of Heads
Primordial - Gods to the Godless
Mael Mordha - King of the English
Tuatha De Dannan -Tan Pinga Ra Tan
Annwn - Mountains Farewell
Apocalyse Orchestra - Here be Monsters
Cruachan - Fall of Gondolin
Cruachan - Queen of War
Furor Gallico - Medhelan