Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock September 8th

September 08, 2018 - 484 views

JayRock is back on your radio in the morning, and with him he has 2 hours of brand new tracks with this week's Saturday Late Breakfast

This week features tracks from;

Lastelle - The Cage I Built Myself
Eris - You Should Know This By Now
Age of Days - Whatever
Call Us Forgotten - Swaggernaut
Poets of the Fall - Dancing on Broken Glass
Faidless - Burn SO Slow
Deceptic - Limbo
Bright Fires - Last We Spoke
Alesti - Eye of the Storm (ft Diego Tekusuo)
Koroth - Nihil
Exit Empire - Forging my Own Crown
Phoxjaw - Triceratops
The Anix - This Machine
Values - Alight
Chuggaboom - Growing Pains
Everlit - RED
Saviour - Never Sleep
Heartsick - Snake Man
Illustrious - By Design
Relent - Changed
Mecka - Prototype
Curious - Embrace
EMP!RE - Miss Fortune