Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock September 29th

September 29, 2018 - 383 views

Due to a technical error, this show did not record when it aired, so there is no Listen Again...sorry

JayRock is back tomorrow morning not so bright and early with another 2 hours of #FirstPlays

Over 20 brand new releases, and an interview with Andy Leo from Crown The Empire at their Southampton UK date last week.

This week includes tracks from;

Elephant Gun Riot - Sword From Stone
The Unsung - Here With You
We Are The Catalyst - One More Day
Panic Era - Borderline
Alive In Color - Say Anything
ANISOKAY - Escalators
Everyone Loves A Villain - Wasted Youth
Absolut Hero - Bad Hero
El Famous - You Don't Know A Damn Thing
Tanzen - Left Swipe
Pyrotechnica - You Can't Phase Me Out
Abyss Watching Me - Like Knives
Fall Of Envy - Moth And The Flame
Silvera - Generation Z
These Four Walls - Over Over
The Anix - Incomplete
Villain of the Story - Without You
Nancy Silva Project - Disconnected
ALESTI - Silver Lining ft Rob Ending
Captives - Ghost Like You
Wait For The Day - Broken Mirror