Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock September 15th

September 15, 2018 - 328 views

JayRock returns tomorrow morning with another jam packed Saturday Late Breakfast.

This is a special show this week, not only does he have the usual #FirstPlays, but he will be announcing the winner of the Crown The Empire VIP ticket giveaway.

Crown The Empire will be performing at Talking Heads Southampton on September 19th with Volumes and Coldrain in support.

This week's show also features tracks from;

After The Broken - Drown
Visionary - Worlds Away
Distance Defined - Voids
First Fracture - Come Back Stronger
Empress - Alithia
Napoleon - Ignite
My Diligent Future - Devious
Kingdom Collapse - Staring Into Nothing
Familiar Spirit - Reach
Vital Empire - Terrifed
Sins in Vain - Gold
Motion Picture - Disclosure
Crown The Empire - 20/10
Crown The Empire - Oxygen
Crown The Empire - Voices
Soul Extraction - Redshift
Commonwealth - Fear
For Life Unburdened - Run Away
Hostile Away - Disillusioned
Santa Sangre - Al Guinzaglio
Vertilizar - Pathetic
After the Calm - Captive
Iron Kings - Monolith
Architects - Hereafter