Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock October 6th

October 06, 2018 - 545 views

JayRock is back in the morning with another jam packed 2 hours of #FirstPlays.

Serving up slices of melodic metalcore, and a mug full of heavy rock, this week's Saturday Late Breakfast features tracks from;

Settle Your Scores - Stuck In The Suburbs
Nevertel - Cold
The Intersphere - Secret Place
Savage Hands - Useless
Atria - Someone With Me
Gravel Switch - No Way Down
Motion Picture - Invading Mars
I Am The Pilot - Domino
Fight Like Sin - Demons
Falling WIth Glory - Restless Nights
Verses - Landslide
Anaya - Everything and Anything
Jonestown - BLunt Force Nihilst
Fairwell - Decevoir
The Monster Inside - Numb
Virtues - A Memory Once Forgotten
Cold Nights For Alligators - Canile
Siamese - Animals
Normandie - White Flag
The Five Hundred - Bleed Rat
Black Orchid Empire - Burn
22 - Sum of Parts
Lakeshore - Erased
Shangrila - Stay