Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock May 5th

May 05, 2018 - 810 views

JayRock returned this past Saturday morning and had another 2 hours crammed full of First Plays...these are the tracks he featured along with an interview with CKY

Sink The Ship - Exposing The Hype
Currents - Best Memory
Sleeping Dog - Follow Me Into The Void
Break and Enter - The Call Of The Void
Alteras - Another Breath
Emergent - Erode
Lowborn - Reckless
Avera - Lift Me Up
Jay Ray - Paranormal
Kalyptra - Empty Handed
Speaking In Shadows - Phantoms on Film
Amongst The Giants - Lost In Translation
Black Orhard Empire - Celebrity Summer
Whist - School Is Over
Dream On Dreamer - Runaway
Echoes From Ashes - Cold Surrender
Late Night Saviour - Forever
Shields - Upside Down
Of Mice & Men - Instincts
Madison Paradox - Salvation
Allamedah - Infamous
No Sleep For Lucy - Don't Let Go