Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock March 23rd

March 23, 2019 - 284 views

JayRock is back tomorrow morning, and has another 2 hours of what he does best...#FirstPlays!

Tomorrow morning's Saturday Late Breakfast has brand new tracks that have never been played on Metal Meyhem Radio, and in some cases, not on any Radio Station anywhere.

Featuring tracks from;
Everrest - Blackout
Trying Times - Forever Numb
Sun Never Sets - Stay
Faith In Failure - Hero
Blood Command - Return of the Arsonist
Your Screaming Silence - Take The Light From Us All
Bailer - Crawl Back
Emerge - What You Want It To Be
Sertraline - Relapse
Silent Season - Demons
Mayfield - Careless Love
Roanok - Call My Name
Dead Fall - Never Expected
Outsiders - Griever
Tyler Gilbert - Ghost Behind The Mask
Among Us - Dear Hate
I Within - Being Human
Mass Sky Raid - Enemy
Winchester - Line Up
The Alchemy - Intertwined
GRIEF - Dormant
RXPTRS - Temple
Another Day Dawns - Psycho

as well as a from the vault interview with Canturbury based The Alchemy just ahead of their debut album launch Chemical Daydream on March 31st.