Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock June 30th

June 30, 2018 - 364 views

JayRock is back on Saturday morning...and this week has a WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!!

Loose Tooth - Castles
Saving Vice - Euthanisia
Call Us Forgotten - If We Don't Swim
Fear Me December - Crystalized
Tomorrow The World - Don't Call It Love
Silver End - Heart Of A Champion
Talons - Southern Shade
Voodoo Diamond - Black Ice
Smile Empty Soul - Free Oblivion
Sails of Serenity - Left Behind
Dark Summer - Push
Shadows Remain - Lies
Schiermann ft Ashe O'Hara - A New Day
New Graves - Empty Lungs
Carry The Crown - Eyes
Burn The Rez - Buried
Mike Darrell - Every Day
Awake The Dreamer - Believe
Outrun The Fall - Wolf Tiger
Involvers - Haunted
Dirty Machine - Further From You
Rand - Masochist
Aren Drift - Snow Queen