Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock February 9th

February 09, 2019 - 313 views

JayRock is back tomorrow morning, with a jampacked show full of #FirstPlays on this week's Saturday Late Breakfast.

This week features more tracks than normal, so less talk more music is the order of the morning, and includes tracks from;

Westhand - Soul Release
Fairwell - Shed
We Are The Catalyst - Where The Mountains Stand
True North - Delusion
PUSH! - Free At Last
Far From Who We Are - Hollow
Main-de-Gloire - Run
Cartographs - More String Than Pearls
Blood Command - Afraid of Water
Kingdom Collapse - This Agony
Love Lay Silent - The Game
Soul Extract - Redshift
Elyne - Wake Up
Wait For The Day - Stop Waiting
All Else Fails - A Dream of Names
Never Say Never - Caution
Chemist - Awaken
Sick Century - Rampart
Tempel - Wolves
From Fall to Spring - Disconnected
Leaving Haven - Silver Lining
Dead Pilot - Only For Today
Fight The Fade - Masks
Reversionists - Phoenix
O.R.k - Black Blooms (ft Sej Tankian)
The Alchemy - Better The Devil You Know