Saturday Late Breakfast with JayRock April 13th

April 13, 2019 - 488 views

Saturday Late Breakfast is back On Air tomorrow morning, and JayRock has another show filled with #FirstPlays..tracks that have never been played on Metal Meyhem Radio before, and in some cases, not on any other Radio Station anywhere.

This week's show has a brand new feature, "Ondy's Track Of The Week", which is Ondy's pick from last week's show.
Featuring tracks from;

Other Son - Comfortable
Silent Season - The Void
Griever - The Sickess In Me
The Story Behind - Last Chapter
INDIGHXST - Pyromance
Xeros - Pet Sematary
We Are The Empty - Robots
Flight Paths - Motion & Side Effects
Major Moment - Living You Life Like This
Heart of Jordan - Throne Alone
Chair Warriors - Bedworld
A Summer Alive - Falling
Osatia - All In Time
Heartsick - Methelyne Blue
For The City - Believe
VRSTY - Nola
Diamonds To Dust - A Letter To SOmeone In Need
Note To Self - Follow
Tropic Gold - Human
**Wake Theory - Take Me To The Edge**
Broken Empire - Watch It Burn
Low Budget - Perfect hollywood
Atria - Someone With Me
PIQAIA - Rockstar