Saturday Breakfast with JayRock June 9th

June 09, 2018 - 530 views

JayRock is back with another two hours of First Plays that also included an interview with South Coast band Aren Drift

Hyperdose - Undeniable
Selfworth - Sleep In Deep Colour
The Last Band - So What
Royal Mob - Wanna Lie With You
From Under The Willow - Hireath
3 Years Hollow - You And I
Elisium - Pain To Memory
Rebirth of Enora - World On Fire
Lethal Injektion - The Truth
Birthrite - Paper Flowers
RedHook - Minute On Fire
Kill No Albatross - Apex Predator
Written In Kings - Baptist
PIQAIA - Artifact
Liberty Lies - Mouth Breathers
4th Point - Out Of Your Mind
Dusk Of Us - You & Desperate
Silence The Machine - Broken
Desasterkids - Bulletproof
Lola Black - Nothing's Gonna Be Alright
Break The Fall - Rock Kid
Outrun The Fall - Crazy
Ingen Regler - Magnet