Ritual of the Fourth - September 27th

September 28, 2018 - 392 views

Thursday is the darkest day of the week on Metal Meyhem Radio, Elliot is back with another bleak and brutal edition of Ritual of the Fourth. 

This week's show showcases everything that's good about Death, Doom and Black Metal, and features tracks from;

Selbst - Ninguna Devoción
Phrenelith - Ornamented Dead Eyes
Witchcult 71 - Blood Of Summer
Infernal Coil - Bodies Set In Ashen Death
Bosse de Nage - Crux
Void Eater -Labyrinthew
Archgoat - Jesus Christ Father of Lies
True Widow - Theurgist
Darkher - Wars
Antimatter - Line of Frire
Fórn - Cosmic Desolation
Consecration - Purity Through Pain
Vallenfyre - The Merciless Tide
Deicide - Seal The Tomb Below
Schammasch - In Dialogue with Death
Forgotten Tomb - Springtime Depression
Kreigsmaschine - None Shall See Redemption
Conan - Amidst The Infinite
Bathory - A Fine Day to Die