Ritual of the Fourth - June 7th

June 08, 2018 - 494 views

Elliot is back with the weekly Ritual that this week features an interview with Midlands based band Fukpig

Panopticon - The Singing Wilderness
Wolvhammer - The Failure King
Occultum - Skulls Instead of Candles
The Konsortium - Skogen
Wake - Paradigm Lost
Fukpig - Let's Make Britain Hate Again
Fukpig - Bastards
Fukpig - Last Brexit to Nowhere
Damim - Eyeballing
Dagorath - Na piedestale smierci
Fister - Cazador
Collapse of Light - Leaving the Light Behind
Wayfarer - On Horseback They Carried Thunder
Ritual Necromancy - Discarnate Machination
Mr Bigglesworth - Corpulent Smothering