Ritual of the Fourth - August 30th

August 31, 2018 - 397 views

Elliot is back in the driving seat tonight as he brings you another 2 hours of all things Death, Doom & Black.

The Lord of Darkness spoke to Goatwhore recently, and features on tonight's Ritual of the Fourth along with this list of bands;

Enslaved - As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
Convulsing - Inert
Mare - Labyrinth Of Dying Stars
Indian - Rape
Maligner - Salvation
Forming the Void - Arcane Mystic
Goatwhore - Mankind Will Have No Mercy
Goatwhore - Under The Flesh, Into The Soul
Goatwhore - FBS
Collapse of Light - I Will Not Return
Jesus Piece - Lucid
Ulver - I Troldskog Faren Vild
Eadem - Acute Scarlet Melancholia
Black Fast - Temple of Leviathan
Barus - Descry
Darvaza - A New Sun
Heathen Deity - The Flames of the Gathering Darkness
Mephorash - Riphyon- The Tree Of Assiyah Putrescent