Not The Punk Rock Show with Jamie March 12th

March 13, 2019 - 217 views

Jamie is back tonight, with 2 hours of non-stop Punk on this week's Not The Punk Rock Show.

Featuring a host of signed and unsigned up and coming bands, this week's show features tracks from;

In Errant - Nothing Left to Lose
Arse - Bugger
Ganges Phalanges - College Song
Human Cell - Even Out
Cheap Surgery - Fake Morality
Mutual Jerk - He's Harmless
Gee Tee - Living in the Future
Mekons - Where Were You
Interrobang? - Here Now
The Coathangers - Sex Beat
Sievehead - Dream Snatchers
The Twistettes - Weird Me
Red Hare - Affirmation
The Royal They - Sludgefucker
Beta Blockers - Drinking That Tippex
Bad Sleep - Back Door
Stages In Faith - Same Craic
Rat Cage - Night of the Rat
Hex - Hex
Bratakus - Boxers and Cords
Slac - Demonstrate/Listen Well
Implement - Implement
Cold Meat - Maternity Stomp
Pissjar - Insane
No Problem - War Paint
Rotten Blossom - Relatable
Salt The Snail - Spanish Table Announcer
Lunachicks - Luxury Problem
Vital Idles - Now and Again
Mutual Jerk - Cover Band
Soakie - Public Transport Blues
Shehehe - 5 Riot Surfer Party
Zeke - Ride On
S.L.I.P. - Drive To Control
The Mongrels - Suirvival on Planet Earth
The Xiles - I'm Fine
Fetish - Take The Knife
Jævndogn - Alien Abduction
The Breaks - Thats What I Get
Youth Avoiders - Ghostland
Felons - Breakdown
Mindframe - Slumped and Dumped
S.H.I.T. - Self Control
Bacchae - Dig