J.C's Kick Ass Rock Show May 18th

May 19, 2019 - 161 views

JC is back tonight with his Kick Ass Rock Show, and has 2 hours of some of the best Kick Ass Rock tunes from great up and coming bands.

Featuring Back To The Blues, and The Closet Classic, this is the best way to keep your Saturday Night rockin'!

Included this week are tracks from;

The Kut - I Am Vain
SmokeHollow - Salvation
The WildHearts - Dislocated
The BlackStoneCo - Face Of Freedom
Twelve Years Driven - Going Down
Spane - Into The Now
A Perfect Circle - Judith
Tax The Heat - On The Run
Saul - Brother
RavenBlack - Carnival
NeverWake - Are You In There?
Gin Annie - Love Ain't Here
Johnny Winter - Blue Monday (with Dr John)
Gary Clarke Jr - Don't Owe You A Thang
Magnolia Bayou - Storm
Grand Old Evils - Ass Gas or Grass
Within Temptation - Raise Your Banner
Dark Avenue - (Don't) Hold On
Chains Over Razors - Damnation
Shallow Side - Can You Hear Me
Baleful Creed - Throne of Thorns
Rainbow - Kill The King