J.C's Kick Ass Rock Show May 11th

May 12, 2019 - 121 views

J.C is back tonight with his Kick Ass Rock Show, and has another 2 hours of great up and coming bands, and some serious Kick Ass Rock.

With show features such as Back To The Blues and The Closet Classic, this week has tracks from;

Saul - Brother
Paralandra - Back To Life
Shallow Side - Can You Hear Me
Seasons Band - Call Me Karma
Razorwire Halo - Sweat
NeverWake - Are You In There
Sweet Blood - Acid Ritual
Stiched Up Heart - Lost (ft Sully Erna)
Dead Original - Bored Again
Messer - Simple Man
Grand Old Evils - Evil Shuffle
Praise The Fallen - Here's To The Heartache
Dark Avenue - (Don't) Hold On
Hell & Hollar - Showdown
Jimmie Bones - I Can't Get Enough Of You
Magnolia Bayou - Take Care Of Me (Honey Bee)
New Years Day - Malevolence 
Unlimiter - Climb
Gasoline Outlaws  - Better Days Coming
Baleful Creed - Devil's Side
The Wilkof Project - Pocket FUll Of Pride
The Outlaw Orchestra - Back To Georgia
Divide The Fall - Our Existence
Any Given Sin - Dynamite
Bob Seger - Travellin Man (Live)
Bob Seger - Beautiful (Live)