Warrior Charge: 2nd Studio Album 'Slum +2'

March 13, 2018 - 562 views

Warrior Charge return with their second studio album, released 25 May 2018 via Cadiz Music.

‘Slum +2’, is a brand-new collection of 12 vital tracks, including ‘Birth’ which features Yuki Lee and has been remixed by ON-U Sound legend Adrian Sherwood who said, “Warrior Charge are the sound of London right now.  They’re the best in the world at what they do”.  Tricky has described them as “the Sly and Robbie of Urban music”.


‘Slum +2’ brings together the premier rhythm section that makes up Warrior ChargeWayne Nunes and Perry Melius, alongside a stellar list of collaborators including Beatrice BrownDavid McAlmont, and Talvin Singh.  ‘Slum’ is nothing less than a modern portrait of urban London; a multi-cultural, edgy atmosphere, where cutting edge electronics mix with live, analogue performances.

Over the past decade Wayne Nunes and Perry Melius have placed themselves at the heart of the London music scene, working with artists as diverse as Tricky, Aswad, African Headcharge, Yusuf Islam, Mos Def, Roots Manuva, Brinsley Forde, Jeb Loy Nichols, Adrian Sherwood and Billy Ocean. They’ve also found time to be joint musical directors on the award-winning ‘The Harder They Come’ musical both in the West End and in America and composers for a range of stage productions with great national reviews.  For film, they have composed for the Hollywood movie ‘Bad Company’ soundtrack.

“With this new record,” says Wayne Nunes, “Perry and I sent each other ideas and then constantly reworked them until we had something we liked. Most of our collaborations start with a sketch of the track - then we have a vocalist perform - then we manipulate their performances into our sound.  After everything is recorded we gig songs to see how they work live.”

Everything on ‘Slum +2’ has been carefully crafted, then, and road-tested. Warrior Charge have created their own sound, something that speaks of the here and now.  Tricky said of Warrior Charge, “Perry and Wayne are the most talented producers in Britain.  They’re the future of Reggae and Urban music”.  He also said, “I haven’t heard Soul as sad as this since listening to Marvin Gaye and Motown”. ‘Slum +2’ is an incredible piece of work, and marks the latest stage of the remarkable creative process that Warrior Charge are undertaking.



1 Beauty Wakes [feat. Beatrice Brown] / 2 Amina [feat. Beatrice Brown] / 3 Ka Akh Ba [feat. David McAlmont] / 4 Slum [feat. Kamaljeet Ajimal] / 5 Fear [feat. Beatrice Brown] / 6 Spit It [feat. Beatrice Brown] / 7 Wild Babies [feat. Beatrice Brown] / 8 Early Night [feat. Beatrice Brown] / 9 Elation [feat. Cookie] / 10 Birth [feat. Yuki Lee] / 11 She’s Singing [feat. Allyson Brown] / 12 Sherwood Wakes [Adrian Sherwood Mix]