Victus EP Launch Party

July 24, 2018

Mid July on a hot and sweaty Saturday night, the last place you want to be, is locked inside a small shop with 100 or so other people with no windows....

But..that's exactly what myself and the other 99 people did and what a night we had!

The one and ONLY time EVER Steamachine would be used as a music venue, and only because it is curently closed whilst it carries out a refurb. However, on this night it played host to the Victus EP launch party that featured Tirana, Grim Ravine and Anthropophagite in support.

Anthropophagite opened the night, and are a death metal band based in Portsmouth. I still can't say their name and have been struggling for weeks on my radio show!!
I was hoping to have caught up with them and have seen their set to then have a chat with them...but unfortunately due to logstics I missed it..apologies guys. We will catch up soon!!!

Second up on the bill were Grim Ravine also based in Portsmouth. If you like your Doom dirty and sludgy then you have come to the right place.

Although being based in Portsmouth, these guys class themselves as a South Coast band, and have been getting out and about a bit having played shows at Brighton's Green Door Store and The Anvil RockBar in Bournemouth.

Their set was a sludgy as it gets, and atmospheric in the right places, the vocal screams reminded me of Colin H. van Eeckhout, and the band would fit the Church of Ra.

An outdated term it may be...but there were 100 people "head-banging" for the length of the set...the Steamachine was becoming exactly that!


When the set had come to an end the vibe still carried across the room.. The front door opened offering relief.

During a DIY stage change, a beer in hand and a chance to cool down I spoke with the guys and this is what they had to say:

Next up on the bill, a style change, but in a room full of metalheads it didn't seem to matter. Step up Metal Meyhem Radio Promoted Band: Tirana.

So a change of pace and style, the night started with some Death, followed by Doom, followed by.... Stoner Post-Punk. OK,  not nessecarily a natural fit...but then normally neither is 100 people in a Vape shop. But this band have been working hard of late to earn the respect of Rockers and Metalheads alike, so the change of style..Who cared?

No-one that's who, why? Because this band killed it. Along with another band I have reported on this week Brighton based IGLOO, there are similar themes in style and the fact clearly Rob Thorn and Mark Barnes have something to say..are you listening? You should be...the video to their latest single Top of the Wall was removed by YouTube within 20 seconds of it being uploaded and was put together by Klayton Dean of Victus.

So this band also has 2 other unique qualities... Rob is a left handed guitar player, and Simon (who we've spoken to before from the band The Wild Claims) is a left handed drummer!! Does it matter? Not really...just wanted to point it out!! 

So the with the door re-opened time to catch a breath, and another beer...then a chat with Rob, Simon and Alex.


So the chat with Tirana ending... it was time for VICTUS

These guys have been working hard for the past year and a half, devoloping the sound you hear today...a unique blend of Doom, Southern Blues and a dash of something darker.

VICTUS have been playing, they have shared the stage with bands such as Monolord, Desert Storm, Dendera, Gargangua, Mage, Conjurer, Thuum, Seething Akira & many more and really know how to own the stage...even if that stage is a makeshift DIY one in a sweatbox of a vape shop!!

The recording of the EP started at the end of 2017, so for the band has been a long time coming. Was it worth the wait? OH HELL YEAH!!!

The Steamachine was rammed with a crowd of VICT'ums that had sold their souls to the beast.



The atmosphere was intense, and so was the bands performance. The band played through the EP in full and even played two encore tracks at the end and clearly fed from the crowds infectious energy.
This is a band that is difficult to pigeon hole in style. Tech Death, Doom, Hard Rock, and Southern Blues all mash together nicely to form the sound that is VICTUS. My advice is this. If You enjoy pure raw music...go and see this band.

So the set came to a sweaty end. This is as intimate as music gets. A DIY stage, band members playing in the crowd and a passing of energy between band and crowd and crowd and band. Yes, I love festivals, I love seeing bands playing large venues. But this is true grass roots music. Support it.


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