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Saturday 30th October, Bar 42 held a 4 band band extravaganza especially for Halloween, and featured TelluriumTempestDerelict Dream and main event High Rise


Kicking off the night was a taste of Heavy Metal poisoning in the form of Tellurium,

This was the first time the band had played together for around 6 months, but to be honest they didn't really show much in the way of stage rust...however, this was the technically brilliant Mark Phillips last gig with the band. Although Mark hasn't officially left, he has now jetted off on a round the world tour, so was a great send off



Second up to grace the stage, hailing from Eastbourne was hi-energy metalcore band Tempest.

Sporting "High Rise" long T-Shirts, this is a young band that were bursting with energy and heavily influenced by The Architects.

Even for non metalcore fans this is a band worth watching. With songs that were sometimes deep and personal, these guys will undoubtedly make a name for themselves



Next up and semi-headlining were Worthing death metal band Derelict Dream...and also a return to the stage for the now slightly sweaty bass player Ant Mascia!!

DD have been around the circuit for sometime now, and are no longer the young inexperienced band they were when I first saw them. Instead the trio consists of the experienced Ant on bass, the technical brilliant Jordan on drums and Lou on guitar and vocals... Lou stands at over 6 foot and his stage presence speaks volumes.

A strong and solid set, but alas the second band of the night that featured both Ant and a leaving member Jordan, who was leaving to join another band...

But, just like Tellurium, this is just a fork in the road and not the end of the band....thankfully!!... in fact, watch this space I'm told there may be a new CD coming soon.



Headlining the night was London based metalcore band High Rise.

Returning the favour and sporting "Tempest" T-shirts, these guys had played together in a couple of shows recently.

These guys rocked...pure and simple, working the crowd and the vibe on stage was awesome.

The vocalist Jovic spent more time in the crowd then he did on the stage just giving that extra buzz about what they did, and was later joined by other band members.

Like Tempest, these guys are worth watching, and I highly recommend that you do!!



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