The Swarming August 5th 2018

August 19, 2018

So the first Sunday evening of August, a warm evening, but the weather couldn't make up it's mind.

So what to do, stay in and flick through the TV and get bogged down with radio work, orrrrr....go to The Edge of the Wedge to this month's The Swarming and watch some kickass bands give it their all...guess what I chose?

6 or 7 down the line and yet I knew this one was going to be different

And I wasn’t wrong, as starting the night off was a band from the Reading area who go by the name Stone Soup.

This band would probably be more at home on the local circuit in Louisiana, they somehow blend Blues Rock with Grungy Sludge that is very reminiscent of mixing Apples, Onions and Butternut Squash, sprinkling with salt and pepper heating and blending. The perfect soup done to perfection.

Fronted by a blues vocalist/ harmonica player and backed by a full on rock band, this is a really refreshing band on the Isles of the UK.

I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of this band, and I seriously recommend that you do too. Coming from the same part of the world that Morass of Molasses do, MoM took them under their wing to guide them, because they obviously saw the same thing I and everyone else who was watching. Potential.

This band has the potential to go on to do big things, and if you don’t take the opportunity to see them them now, you’ll regret it!

Next to take to the stage was a band from North London/ Herts. Ritual

In contrast these guys were very different to Stone Soup. Their set and style took me back in time, but with a modern take. Think Faith No More meets Pearl Jam meets Stone Temple Pilots.

Whilst the guys had heard similar references, they were happy to take those tags later when I spoke to them.

The lead singer was very reminiscent in style to an early Eddie Vedder which despite my referencing them to Pearl Jam was not a conscious thing on his was just the way it turned out...however I did feel that had the stage have been bigger, he may have made full use of it.

The band are less than 1 year old, but have been making a name for themselves around the home counties circuit, and were even Finalists for this years Metal 2 The Masses Hitchin.

This was the first time the band had played the South Coast, rather than visiting to paddle at the seaside, and I have a feeling the South Coast may be seeing more of them...that can only be good!

A nice little touch at the end of their set, the band all wore black shirts with the Latin Upsilon..or better recognised as an upside down Omega symbol..that showed conformity to the band.

Third in line to take to the stage on this rather pleasant Sunday...Victus

Now, I had seen Victus twice already in the past two weeks, and in fact one of those was just 2 nights before in Littlehampton.

You’d think that maybe I’d be a little tired already of seeing this band..but no. I am a Victum.

Their trademark unique blend of Doom, Southern Blues tore through the venue, and Sam was not going to be restrained to the small area on the stage...he came out off the stage to allow Klay and Vernon space to do their thing whilst Sam did his.

This was my 3rd time of seeing the band in the past 2 weeks, but they were not the only 3 gigs the band had performed at. In between the Sacrifice EP launch at the Sweatmachine, I mean Steamachine, and Littlehampton, the guys had managed to fit in a small EP launch tour and were joined by good pals Thuum, Desert Storm and Troll Mother...but Sam still puts in 100% energy in delivering his lyrical messages.

I’ve said this before, so maybe I’m being slightly lazy in the description, but, This is a band that is difficult to pigeon hole in style. Tech Death, Doom, Hard Rock, and Southern Blues all mash together nicely to form the sound that is VICTUS. My advice is this. If You enjoy pure raw music...go and see this band.

And then it was time for the main event….cue drum roll (ok don’t bother) Morass of Molasses

One of the descriptions I had seen about this band said this “‘Enough bowel quaking low-end to fill another Sabbath album’... that is 100% Spot.On.

A three piece band based in Reading, composing of Bones The Beard - Baritone & Vocals,

Phil The Mountain - Guitar, Raj The Guru - Drums and now backing vocals, note the use of Baritone Guitar that acts as both bass and rhythm...and have to say after chatting with Bones they are some of the nicest people in the business.

This band is kick ass blues, southern rock, almost ZZ Top like (no reference to Bone's beard), but they are also sludge, doom, like Tool or even early Sabbath ….doom?  From a “Rock” band?
Yeah...I don’t know how they pull it off, but like Victus, they just do, and it works. WELL.

These guys are just seasoned professionals, they are genuinely nice guys, but they also command the stage. It is their yard, and they own it. But above all else , they entertain. They interact with their audience perfectly and just at the right time.

If you see this band are playing, buy the ticket because you will get your money’s worth.

The next The Swarming is Tuesday August there!!


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