The Rocket Dolls and Graces Collide live at The Hope and Ruin

December 26, 2017 - 1607 views

Wednesday 20th December, We had the pleasure of attending The Rocket Dolls event at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton co-headlining with Graces Collide.

The event also fetaured Tales Of Autumn, The Hellfire Club and Stone Angels

And what a night it was! great bands, awesome tunes and an amazing atmosphere.


First to take the stage were Tales Of Autumn, with their unique sound of passionate lyrics, chunky riffs and as they say, slow whiney stuff.


Unfortunately we missed their set due to timing, however it was great to hear that their bassist was back on form after his recent illness and according to the other bands we spoke to their set was amazing, well rehearsed, as tight as ever and absolutely rocked! 

Apologies from us guys! catch you again another time.


Next up were The Hellfire Club.


We last caught up with these guys back when they played down our way on April fools day along with Stone Angels.

We were sad to learn that there had been a car accident since then which resulted in the vocalist breaking his wrist rendering him unable to play bass for a time, however as one door closes, another opens right? and this enabled them to bring in a new member on bass and really add more dynamics to their already loud, ballsey, raw rock sound.

Their set was so energetic (especially in the lead singers case.. bouncing about everywhere! Very reminiscent of a younger Axl Rose and Scott Weiland) and explosive, high energy tracks, powerful vocals and funky beats really got you moving your feet.

It absolutely was a blast. If you can catch them at a gig then do so! you won't be disappointed.




Following them were Stone Angels.


The guys have had a bit of a line up change since we last saw them, switching bassists, but it has not changed their chunky riffs, fast paced tracks and slight southern rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Black Stone Cherry.

Their set was absolutely rockin', the guys on stage really getting into the groove and going for it. The passion for their music really shows throughout their performance.

Their Christmas present to us all were three brand new belters, during the interview with JayRock they mentioned that they had changed direction very slightly almost adding a touch of prog to their Southern Rock sound. If you want to know how they sounded...think Temperence Movement meets Blacktop Mojo meets Rival Sons and then shaken but not stirred.



So next up we had the first co-headliner Graces Collide.


We last caught up with them back in march when they played the L.A.R.S Rock Riot event.

Since then they have been laying down some recordings and writing new material as well as playing gigs.

Their set was still as rockin' as ever, the high energy, the heavy riffs, kick ass beats and passionate lyrics definitely draw you into the music with them. The guys performance on stage was great to watch as well and they still have a lot of fun whilst playing which adds to the amazing vibe they have. Rock with a capital R!

Daniel was happily playing the guitar that was "loaned" to Black Stone Cherry's Chris Robertson...much to the amusing envy of Niall from Stone Angels.

These guys also site Black Stone Cherry as an influence along with the vocal style of Brent Smith of Shinedown and Alter Bridge.



Lastly The Rocket Dolls took the stage.


Leading in with their own intro and leaving the crowd waiting with anticipation, the opening track did not disappoint. With such an eclectic mix of influences, it really is hard to put these guys into a box, seal the lid and cover with a label...but maybe that's what makes The Rocket Dolls so different.

If Frankie G (The Hellfire Club) has the "Sleaze Rock" moves of Axl and Scott, Nikki Smash moves like a slightly sexy Dave Gahan, hips and feet finding their groove rather than staying put rooted to the mic stand with a guitar. Armed with new bass player Joe, the trio that includes original member Benji on the sticks, made the £5 entry fee worth it just for these guys alone, let alone bundled with some of the best Rock the South Coast has to offer.

Expect to see much more from The Rocket Dolls in 2018, I have a feeling it may be the start of something....



So when it was all over, we were completely buzzing still from the amazing music and atmosphere. Definitely a night to remember!

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Thankyou to all the bands for chatting with us, it was great catching up and meeting new friends.

Massive thanks to The Rocket Dolls for hosting this amazing gig and talking with us as well.


Have a Fantastic Christmas Everyone!

The Team at Metal Meyhem Radio.