The Heretic Order London show

May 18, 2018 - 318 views

THE HERETIC ORDER announce free London release show to be streamed live plus photos from recent video shoot

The Heretic Order have announced they will be playing a special album release show at Big Red in London on Friday May 25, 2018 where they’ll be premiering some new material alongside old favourites. Entry is free and the band will be onstage at 10:00pm UK.

The whole show will be streamed live by Total Rock. Tune in here to watch:
The Heretic Order recently shot the video for the title track “Evil Rising” with Shaun Hodson / Loki Films. It features the London outfit in all their diabolicalness with devilish appearances by Ria Fend, Roxy Reveals and Serena Fox with make up and costumes by Strega Craft.
Lord Wagnar Ragnar comments: ‘ Evil Rising ‘  - the song is about the evil that infests the human mind , characters of the past have been demonized by our society that loves to tag between good and evil but is their such thing ? is it the just humans trying to make sense of something that no one understands. This vid is a pure slab of metal mayhem featuring sexy girls plenty of blood and the devil , cant go wrong
Stay heavy stay evil
Here’s some shots from the days work. The full video will be unveiled soon.
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The Heretic Order will release their upcoming new album ‘EVIL RISING’ on Massacre Records on June 22, 2018.
Featuring the top cover illustrations by Five Milligram (Napalm Death, Shadows Fall) it features twelve new tracks:
  EVIL RISING track listing:
1. Prelude
2. Evil Rising
3. Unholy War
4. Hate Is Born
5. Omens
6. Mortification Of The Flesh
7. Under The Cross Of Pain
8. Straight Down (To Hell)
9. The Mask
10. The Forest Of The Impaled
11. The Scourge Of God
12. Visions
The long awaited and highly anticipated follow up to 2015’s ‘All Hail The Order’ was produced by Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77) and The Heretic Order.
Check out the teaser video here: 

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