Piratefest at Concorde 2, Brighton, Feb 23rd 2018

March 10, 2018 - 1322 views

A chilly friday night, Brighton, South coast of England.

A mass of pirates and wenches heading towards one place, for one thing...... Piratefest!!!


Entertaining us this evening, 3 crews of pirates, each with their own brand of sea shanties and metal.


First up were The Dread Crew Of Oddwood hailing from Southern California with what they describe as 'Heavy Mahogany Debauchery' when speaking of their music style.

Their set is played exclusively on acoustic instruments to give their folk style 'Heavy mahogany' a more authentic sound but with tales of more diverse subjects such as zombies, airships, and time travel.

Check out their track 'Sulfur' below.


Next up were Rumahoy, A four man crew from North Carolina.



The description of 'pirate metal from the carribean seas' suits them well as their sound is heavier but still authentic heritage pirate metal as Captain Yarrface says.

We were fortunate enough to catch an interview with the Captain himself. Talking about the debut album 'The Triumph Of Piracy' the Captain states " Well it's just about me and stories of my life" "I am Captain Yarrface, welcome to the sea..."

We also spoke of many other piratey things, Check out the interview below.


The set was absolutely astounding. Pounding, driving beats, rugged vocals chanting their sea shanties and catchy riffs throughout definitely enthralled the crowd and had them chanting many 'Yarrs' and 'Ahoy!' along with them.


Check out the video for their latest track below.


During the interval between Rumahoy and the next act, an eerie sort of calm washed over the place, a few hundred pirates singing along to some of Queens best songs, it was quite surreal really. The music then switched, signalling the crowd that Alestorm were about to take the stage and the place exploded!


Their unique brand of pirate metal had the crowd whip up a mosh pit straight away with the opening track 'Keelhauled'.

The set was so full of energy and all things pirate, the band playing some of their earlier songs from ' Captain Morgan's Revenge' which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, to their latest masterpieces from 'No Grave But The Sea' and even threw in a couple of verses from the 'For Dogs' bonus disc from that album.

The themes behind their music range from stealing ships and sailing the seven seas to wenches and mead with good lashings of rum thrown in the mix too. Their sound has evolved over the years growing a bit heavier with hints of metalcore and more slightly distorted vocals with their latest releases.

Check out 'Keelhauled' and 'Alestorm' below.



After the gig we were again very fortunate to catch an interview with Gareth Murdock, the bassist of Alestorm, and talked a bit about the first album celebrating its anniversary, the latest album and of course the plans for the future.

Check it out below.

 Squirrel Interviews: Gareth from Alestorm at their headline event in Brighton on February 23rd 2018



So when we had parted ways with Gareth and headed back to our own ship to sail home, we sat back and thought what a fantastic night it had been and were completely rocked out, can definitely say... We Are Pirates!


Thanks to Rumahoy's Captain Yarrface and Alestorm's Gareth Murdock for their time talking to us, 

Thanks to The Dread Crew Of Oddwood, Rumahoy and Alestorm for their absolutely amazing sets, 

Thanks to Hayley Austin and Rhys Jackson for providing some of the photos,

Thanks to Napalm Records and of course thanks to Metal Meyhem Radio for allowing us this opportunity to talk to these amazing pirates and to write this parchment of the event.

Keep sailing the seas, 

Squirrel and Rhys (aka Captain Fancypants ;) ) 


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