Mysterious new rock band THE NEW DEATH CULT (FFO: QOTSA, Ghost) release second single

April 23, 2019 - 151 views

Mysterious new rock band THE NEW DEATH CULT (FFO: QOTSA, Ghost) release second single

'Zeitgeist' out now via Indie Recordings

Introducing mysterious new rock act THE NEW DEATH CULT, who have released their second ever single 'Zeitgeist', out via Indie Recordings.

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A new force in rock, the group originally hail from the Andromeda Galaxy, and have come to Earth to unite us under a new rock banner. The four members ALPHA (vocals, guitar), BETA (lead guitar), GAMMA (bass), and DELTA (drums) combine with music centred around true love, peaceful activism, and an anti-war and anti-destruction ethos.

In the words of bandleader ALPHA:

“’Zeitgeist’ is a full-on protest song against the deconstruction of human rights that is currently happening all around us, through warfare, environmental displacement, the proverbial stranglehold of fear-fueled propaganda in mainstream media and how it effects digital surveillance and the increasing monetary and corporate enslavement of the younger generation.

To make a change, we have to put our thoughts and words into physical motion, and let our universal love be the force that dismantles the big machine that is surely on it's way to turn us all into dehumanized cookie-cut slaves of its own design. It's very George Orwell's 1984. Musically, the song has a very dark but catchy chorus, while revealing a stupidly cold and mechanical main riff with the lyrics being the focal point.

Disobey fascist ideology, speak up against racism, absolutely rebel against big-scale environmental destruction and reject fear-based propaganda. Love each other!"

A crossover between the likes of Queens of the Stone AgeBiffy Clyro, and Pink Floyd, the group drive heavy rock in a new direction whilst giving a nod toward the greatest 90s rock acts. Desert rock collides with a tinge of psychedelia and cosmic grandeur, creating a scintillating new sound.

'Zeitgeist' follows THE NEW DEATH CULT's first single 'Light Spills Over', which was premiered via Dan P Carter's BBC R1 Rock Show, has been placed on multiple Spotify Playlists and has already reached 60,000 streams.

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