#MusicMonday November 19th

November 19, 2018 - 525 views

This week's #MusicMonday choice goes to Canterbury Kent based band The Alchemy

The single is taken from the forthcoming 2019 album, and recording of the single took place in The Alchemy’s own studio in Canterbury, which had been equipped with the help of vocalist Rhys Taylor’s Uncle, a prominent figure in the music industry, who has managed the likes of Klaxons and Eagles Of Death Metal. Rhys’ Uncle soon brimmed with excitement as he heard their single ‘Give Me The Sky’.

Vocalist Rhys Taylor details the difficult personal battle that inspired the creation of ‘Give Me The Sky’...

"’Give Me The Sky’ is a love song set against the backdrop of the troubled times we continue to live in.

I wrote it for my girlfriend, who had had an accident earlier this year that left her unable to walk for a number of months.”

“This was a really tough time for both of us and with ‘Give Me The Sky” I wanted to capture the feeling that the future is never set in stone, but even in the face of unfavourable odds, a positive outcome can (and does) arise. My girlfriend is walking again and we can now look to the future.”

Despite the very personal nature of The Alchemy’s latest single, the accompanying music video (directed by Chris Porter) was left entirely open to interpretation during shooting. Porter heard the lyrical themes of war machines and nuclear weapons in the verses, and cast the video in a post apocalyptic world.

As our Track of the Week, we will play this every day at 6am, midday, 6pm and midnight, and is available on all streaming outlets:

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