KING GOAT new album DEBT OF AEONS review by Scott Burchfield

May 16, 2018 - 660 views

King goat new album. Debt of Aeons.


Possibly even better than their past album Conduit and for me that's no small feat as that album has become one of my all time favourites and was even said at the time, my best album of the year. If I remember rightly Metallica and Devin Townsend also had albums out that year so it was definitely a good album to top those.
This album captures the tortured feeling and anger very well, is well produced leaving nothing to be desired and with well thought out dynamics and song writing. 
The Album starts with Rapture, setting the tone with a creepy slow tempo enough to set you on edge it then kicks up,  make sure you pay attention when the vocals come in in an epic fashion slightly mellow at first then their trademark big vocal notes, almost operatic enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. 
This continues throughout the album to great atmospheric effect. Sometimes the vocals do get vocal chord tearingly shouted but done in a melodic way adding to the feeling of torture and pain that the album has. 
The whole thing makes me think of how Black Sabbath set out to do music all those years ago. Something that sounds like a horror movie. A big theatrical experience.
For fans of 
Black Sabbath 
Horror Thrillers 
Epic Vocals 
Epic Prog Journeys
Scott Burchfield.